Minicarroñera Mountain Bike Route

Very difficult route only recommended for very experienced bikers. The route requires authorization from the National Park, which can only be obtained at the BTT Center.

50.58 km
Positive difference in elevation
1.470 m
Technical difficulty
Experts only
Negative difference in elevation
1.470 m
Maximum altitude
500 m
Minimum altitude
202 m
Type of route
This is a very difficult route that covers a large part of its route through the Monfragüe National Park, the most complicated of those that make up the Monfragüe MTB Center.
We leave Torrejón el Rubio by the Cordel Auxiliar de la Cañada Real Trujillana heading north. We will not leave this cattle route until kilometer 14.8. Before we will have to go through the very fast and dangerous descent to the Old Bridge, as well as the technical and hard ascent of the same bank towards the Corchuelas. Once past the Palacio Viejo de las Corchuelas we will begin a hard climb, full of stones with an average percentage of 11 % crowned by a trial before reaching the top of the mountain range. The descent is even more technical and dangerous, with lots of loose dirt. Then very technical descent, with percentages over 25%, with loose soil and that requires caution and skill. Attention, you can not leave the marked Vía Pecuaria because the rest is a National Park Reserve area and can lead to heavy penalties…. At the end of the descent is the Tajo River. Turn left next to the Casa de Peones Camineros, along the old road. Next to the Fuente del Francés we will turn right onto the EX208, which we will leave after crossing the bridge, at the first junction on the right. Here we will return to the Cordel Suplente and we will reach the second technical area, on the ascent that will take us to Villareal de San Carlos. After passing this locality, another technical climb begins on a path that will improve on the descent. At this point we will turn left, on the road that goes from Villareal de San Carlos to Serradilla. It is a well-maintained track but full of tough climbs and fast descents. We will cross the Barbaón stream and head up a hard and constant ascent to the four crossings. There we will continue straight on until the end of the descent, where at around kilometer 29. Turn left towards Serradilla. We will continue along this track, with steep climbs, until we reach the “caseta de las Herramientas” (tools hut). There we will turn left onto a shady track that will take us to the Marrón route that joins Serradilla with Villareal through the Camino Natural del Tajo. We will continue along this route, perfectly marked, cross the Collado del Lobo, and go down a forest trail until approximately at kilometer 36, we will turn left onto a narrow and uncomfortable, but very fun path. We will pass the Arroyo Barbaón through the Puente del Horcajo and continue along this path until we reach a crossroads with the Ruta Verde (Green Route) and continue to the left. We will cross the Arroyo Malvecino along this trail and arrive at Villareal de San Carlos on a paved road. To take a break, we go down the EX208 to the exit of the Tajo River Bridge where we turn left onto the Cordel Auxiliar to climb back to the Puerto de las Corchuelas (2.5 km, 244 m, 9% average gradient and 26% maximum gradient), descend through an enormously technical area and face the river bank of the Arroyo de la Vid, which leads us to the Puente Viejo, with a very technical and dangerous descent, and a short but hard ascent (1 km, 9.9 % average gradient and 20 % maximum gradient).
It crosses points of great beauty such as the Solana and the Umbría de la Sierra de Las Corchuelas, the passage through the Tajo River, the Arroyo Barbaón or the Trasierra Serradillana.