Deer and vultures murals

Two artists from Extremadura painted a huge urban art mural that was inaugurated in 2021 and financed by the Diputación de Cáceres. It represents the evolution of painting from its beginnings as cave art to current art such as graffiti.

Torrejón El Rubio wanted to pay tribute to two of its most emblematic animals. On the one hand, the Extremaduran artists Sojo and Brea have immortalized the deer with the impressive mural located in the sports court and inaugurated in 2021, which represents the evolution of painting and how man has been interpreting them in different historical periods. On the other hand, another mural located on one of the walls of the Virgen de Monfragüe public school, also visible from the sports court, pays tribute to the griffon vultures, other of the main representatives of the fauna of Monfragüe. Not only can these animals be admired in these murals, but everyone has the opportunity to see them live, in their natural habitat, through the various viewpoints that this municipality has.