Salto del Gitano

The Salto del Gitano is the best known and most photographed viewpoint of the Monfragüe Biosphere Reserve, being a must stop for all visitors who come to the territory. In all seasons, this magical enclave offers a breathtaking spectacle. It is enough to stop for five minutes and watch in silence to see the majestic flight of griffon vultures and several species of birds that walk elegantly among the rock walls.
The imposing rock face of Peña Falcón is a spectacular outcrop of Cuarcita Armoricana, the most characteristic rock of the Park and one of the oldest rock formations on the planet, where one of the largest populations of griffon vultures in Europe nests, as well as black storks and a great variety of birds. There are many legends about the origin of the name, among them the one that tells that, a couple of centuries ago, a couple of civil guards with cloak and tricorn, were chasing a gypsy who was accused of having committed some misdeed. The young gypsy, in his flight from the agents, reached the top of the rock wall and, seeing himself cornered, jumped so high and so hard that he crossed the river and escaped. The guards who saw that feat were so amazed that one of them turned to stone, his silhouette still visible today.