Monfragüe Hermitage

On Easter Monday one of the traditional milestones in the festive calendar of Torrejón el Rubio is celebrated: The pilgrimage of the Virgin of Monfragüe. It is held in the parade ground of the castle of the same name, in honor of the Virgin of Monfragüe, one of the oldest carvings of Extremadura and to which the residents of Torrejón el Rubio venerate since ancient times with great devotion. The tradition goes back several centuries. The first documentary reference to it is in the Cadastre of the Ensenada of 1753. It details the existence of a pilgrimage in honor of the Virgin of Monfragüe on the second day of Easter, in which a sung mass and a sermon were celebrated. It was attended by the administrator of justice, the ordinary mayor, the two parish priests of San Miguel and the hermits who lived in the castle. There was an annual amount dedicated to the expenses produced by the same that reached 145 reals and 26 maravedíes, which included a meal for all attendees. In addition to the masses, processions and rosaries, all of them enlivened by the songs of the “Shepherdess of Monfragüe”, the occasion is offered to share a picnic in the surroundings with family and friends. It is curious that not only Torrejón has as patron the Virgin of Monfragüe, but also towns like Serradilla, Malpartida de Plasencia and Riolobos travel to our municipality and our castle to celebrate different celebrations in honor of the Marian carving.