St. Michael the Archangel Church

Construction of this building began in the second half of the 15th century. From its beginnings it has been a church closely linked to the Carvajal family, being the pantheon of the important noble family.

The initial project of Francisco de Carvajal y Trejo, II Lord of Torrejón, was the construction of a chapel for the Carvajal family. The works began between 1475-1480; as proof of his patronage, he had his coat of arms, formed by the union of the Carvajales and Trejos coats of arms, sculpted on the exterior of the chapel, as well as a fundamental part of the majestic starry vault that covers the church. The coat of arms that presides over the chapel from the top is that of Carvajal, while the other lesser coats of arms also form it with that of the Trejo family. This is one of the most interesting characteristics of the church, since there are not so many temples in which this decoration exists in the keystones. The works must have been completed at the beginning of the 1490s, since it was at this time that Francisco de Carvajal y Trejo founded the chaplaincy, granting it to Juan Pérez.

This priest is leaving for “evangelization
Francisco de Carvajal y Valderrábanos, who in 1522 founded a new chaplaincy in a will in which he also ordered the construction of an altarpiece under which his tomb was to be located in an arch next to the altar. It is precisely Francisco de Carvajal y Valderrábanos, whose coat of arms can be seen on the main door of the church, who ordered the completion of the church, enlarging its main space. The church became an important place for the Carvajal family, since important family events were celebrated there, such as weddings, but above all, it became the family pantheon. The only evidence we have, due to the secular abandonment of the church by the counts of Torrejón, who ceased to belong to the Carvajal family in the mid-17th century, is the burial of Garci Lope de Carvajal, V lord of Torrejón el Rubio, and his wife Catalina Manrique de Lara, located next to the presbytery.